Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Poll - How long should it take to finish...

Okay I have a new poll up. How long should it take to finish a good single player game? This could be a first person shooter or an RPG I'm not making the distinction (if you want to, please leave a message in the comments section so I know). I guess "good" is up for debate too but we can discuss that another time if you like.


Natra said...

I have a short attention span. No more than 15 hours from point A to Z. That's without the sidetrips and looking around. 15 hours to follow the storyline.

pengwenn said...

But the side trips are part of the storyline. True you don't have to do them to advance the plot but they add to character development and some of the stuff you gain from completing them can be sweet and make it easier later on in the game. With side quest how long would you give it?

Natra said...

I would say at the most half of the full story. 10-15 min. sidestories at the most.Halo 1 was plenty long for me.

metallicorphan said...

i clicked 30-50 hrs.....i totally welcome more hours,but i think 30-50 is average...i have only got one game that has passed the 100 hr mark(not included FF11)and thats Oblivion

FF12 was 82 hrs
ffs usually take anything upward of 30hrs
LO was 50ish
Mass effect was also 50

thats RPGs though
MGS4 took 17hrs
Bioshock took about 20 i think
Assassins creed took 15
halo 15 each
gears of war - 12
bully -12

still all good games,but i would of liked them to be longer..especially when these non RPGs get more attention/buzz than RPGs altogether(before release and after)

I guess then you could argue that a majority of these non RPGs have the online play..which lengthens it


pengwenn said...

Well for some reason I can't vote for my choice so you'll just have to wait until I do the results to find out what it is.

I remember when I finished Legend of Dragoon and that was over 100 hours. I thought "wow, it took that long?" but I wouldn't have changed a second of that game. I did spend some time just wandering around leveling up before I went into new areas. That takes time.