Thursday, June 5, 2008

This just keeps getting better and better

Okay, you might not care about the rumblings of Jack Thompson who seems to be on a crusade against video games, but the more I hear about him the more fascinating his shenanigans are becoming. That doesn't mean I like the guy; he's just providing better comedy than anything on TV lately.

His latest stunt was at a hearing about the recommendation that he be disbarred for 10 years for 27 violations of conduct. Besides the fact that he looked like he was throwing a hissy fit when he didn't get his way, his grasp of the English language is atrocious. I read his entire objection and it was painful to get through at times. Not always for what he was saying (comparing himself to Jesus) but for the terrible grammar he displayed. And if the workings of the legal system are predicated on "facts" why is his lengthy objection (14 pages) more of an emotional rant than examples of facts concerning the charges? It read like he was throwing a temper tantrum in words instead of what a professional legal document objecting to something should read like. I'm no lawyer but I would be embarrassed if that was the kind of work I was submitting in court.

I have to question someone's intentions when they bring a written objection to court but have enough copies to hand out to reporters and spectators in the audience as well as the a copy for the courts. And the fact that he named dropped all over the place AND worked in a press release of one of his upcoming public appearances was just priceless. I lived in Provo for almost five years and I know the population is a lot less than 250,000. And the fact the Miley Cyruss is preforming at the event is going to draw a lot more attention than his attendance will. This just keeps getting better and better.


metallicorphan said...

LOL....that's it,he's snapped,no going back

but wait,what's this deep inside of a me?...hmm,seems i am going to miss him,who will be there to complain about every Rockstar game now,it always seemed part of the parcel ,when a R* game was released,you had Good ol' Jackie boy,advertising it by saying it should be banned etc etc

pengwenn said...

Yeah, he does sound like he's gone off the deep end. I'm sure there'll be someone else to step in and fill his shoes. But if he does get disbarred he can't practice law so he'll have more time to meddle with the gaming industry. And I wouldn't be surprised if one day he decided to run for some political office.