Monday, March 3, 2008

Playing for points before time runs out

So when I put in Call of Duty 4 yesterday I finally decided to play the single player campaign and pick up some achievements. I'm glad I did because those 90 points pushed my gamerscore higher than my brother's . . . by 11 points. Whoo Hoo!!!

But that's not why I did it (despite what he thinks). In about two weeks Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 is coming out and all my friends will be playing that game instead of Call of Duty 4. I'd like to be able to get to level 2 prestige by then but it'll be close. And then I realized that I've own the game for almost 4 months and haven't even looked at the single player side of it. So I gave it a shot.

And some of the problems I have in the multiplayer games are the same in the single player game. I can't see things or people. I don't know where fire is coming from. And I can't figure out where to go. I don't know how many times I ran too far ahead from my squadmates, or stayed to far behind, and didn't know what to do or where to go. And getting through the tv news room was a disaster. I think it took me 6 or 7 times. And I even set the difficulty at the "I'm a noob and never played a shooter before" setting. Once I got to the Bog area I quit. I'd had enough. And my eyes were killing me.

There's just something about this game that makes it very difficult for me to see things. I don't know how many times I've watched a Kill Cam and I couldn't even see where I was even with the little red "You" circle pointing at my head. Does everyone play on high def 52" tvs?

Despite all the headaches trying to see and figure out what's going on I liked it. But with my friends moving on to R6:V2 (I'm still undecided if it's a launch pickup for me) and myself getting immersed in the story of BioShock and Lost Odyssey I'm not sure how much of this game I'll play in the future. Eventually I'm sure I'll play it to finish getting the achievement points but only because I hate to leave things unfinished. So until time runs out and all my friends and I have all moved on I'll at least give it a try for more points.

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