Friday, March 7, 2008

Boogie Bunnies is brilliant

In an attempt to clean up my Arcade games on my 360 I decided to play the demo of Boogie Bunnies that I downloaded awhile ago. I'm glad I did.

The game play is not that much different than what you've seen before if you've played Bust-A-Move or Bubble Pop (or is it Bubble Burst). You have brightly colored shapes in a grad and you launch a colored shape to get three of the same connected to make them disappear. Every now and then the grid moves closer to you and more lines are added to at the top. In Bust-A-Move you fire from a fixed pointer in the center at the bottom of the grid. You can bounce the ball off the walls to get it into a space your fixed position might not allow. But Boogie Bunnies is a little bit different.

Instead of being stuck at a fixed position on the bottom of the screen you can move side to side to pick the best column to launch your bunny at. It's kind of like Space Invaders in that sense. But Boogie Bunnies adds a twist to the mix. You can also rotate around the grid and launch your bunny from the side. Yes, that's it. If you don't have any good placement for that blue bunny at the bottom but you just wish you could attach him (or is it a her?) to that second row from the top, now you can. Just swing your bunny over to the edge of the grid and things will rotate slightly so you can glide up and down the outer edges of the grid. This is a great way to set up combos and save yourself if you're running out of room at the bottom.

And while you play just listen to those cute little bunnies. They say "Hi" and laugh and you can't help but be touched by the tremble in their little voices when they start to say "Uh" as they get close to the bottom of the screen. If any of them fall into the crack of the ice (on the Arctic level) their sad voices should make you feel guilty for not saving them. And those bunnies sure do love to dance.

I knew I was hooked on playing this game, after only one session, when I was in the shower this morning wondering if I was going to have enough time to get in one more game before I went to work. I remember doing that with SSX Tricky many times. And being late to work many times too. Yes, I did get in a game this morning and picked up a couple of achievements too. And no, I wasn't late to work . . . this time. I'm sure they'll be other morning when I itch to get in one more game before I have to do something else.

This game reminded me a lot of Pikmin for the Game Cube. It's also another game I tried to play before work, but was more difficult to squeeze in. I bought Pikmin because I thought the cover looked cute. That's all. I had no idea of the game play or what type of game it was. I'm really glad I made that leap for Pikmin and that's the same leap I made with Boogie Bunnies. I liked the little snap shot image I saw in all the advertisements. Didn't know anything about the game so I downloaded the demo first. I'm glad I played it because it put a smile to my face. You should pick it up too. If not you just might hear a little tremble in my voice when I say "uh".

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