Friday, March 21, 2008

New Poll - Have you taken a day off of work to play video games?

There's a new poll up. You have until the end of the month to vote. This time it's: Have you ever taken time off of work to play video games? I'm not talking "I just took the day off, now what am I going to do" type of a day. I want to know if you specifically asked for a day off of work so you could specifically stay home and play a video game. Or, I guess you could take the day off and spend it at the arcade. I know someone who took a couple of days off of work last week so he could play Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 . . . unfortunately the game wasn't out yet (so much for not verifying the release date) so he had to come up with something else to do during that time. If you have, leave a comment if it was a day off for a new game the day it was released or just because you'd rather play games all day than sit in a stuffy cubicle all day. Okay, that's pretty obvious isn't it?


AsherCrestfallen said...

The thought has entered my mind from time to time, but no I've never seen a game good enough to make me stay home.

Evil Ric said...

Just wait until GTA 4. I am sooooooo off work!

Natra said...

After the kids, the job, the woman, the upkeep of the house, etc.etc, a game doesn't pop up as a way to take day the day off.(i wish) :-(

Hey Pengwenn do you want to add your gamertag to your blog?

pengwenn said...

Ah, Natra that's why I love being childless and single. (Although I am considering buying a house this year.)

Yes, I've considered putting my gamertag in my blog but I haven't decided on exastly where or how (there are verious options/ways available). It could replace my recently played games section. I'm still thinking on the matter.