Thursday, March 13, 2008

Second chances

So I found the case for GRAW and I have initial plans to take it back today and get something else. But while looking for that case I also found the cases for Enchanted Arms and Lost Planet. Those are two other games where I haven't gotten very far (if anywhere) in them so I might want to give them a second look to see if it will be worth it to keep them.

I've started Enchanted Arms several times but I've just never been in the mood to sit through all that dialogue and crap at the beginning of the game before you get into it. My brother dain borrowed it and at least go to the battle tutorial before he quit. Maybe someday I'll set aside an hour or two and see if I can get the game started and get involved in it.

With Lost Planet I've only put the disk in my machine just to see if it would load up. Every time I get the desire to play the game someone tells me how hard it is and how screwy the controls are. Those are not encouraging words if someone is deciding to play the game. This is another game that might require a couple hours of commitment before I make a decision on whether to keep it or not.

Another game that is currently getting a second chance (more like a first since I haven't played it before) is Tomb Raider: Legend. I've watched my brother play this game many times and I have one of the previous Tomb Raider games for the PlayStation. This last Monday I finally figured out I should probably put the game in and see what's it's like for myself. I got stuck in the first level but not enough to discourage me and make me want to never see the game again. But just enough to make me want to put in something less aggravating.

Maybe this need to par down on my games comes from the guilt of owning games I haven't played or the fact that I don't have any more room in my game binder for the latest games I bought. The fact that Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey are both 4 disks each doesn't help. Not to mention all those Final Fantasy multi-disk games. Oh well. The straps are starting to rip so I'm going to have to buy a new case soon anyway. But it wouldn't hurt to clean out the dead games in order to have more money for new ones. Right?

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