Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Poll Results - Wrong to play Avatar for the points?

Okay here's the results for the last poll.

Is it wrong to play Avatar: The Burning Earth for the easy achievement points?

Yes = 1 vote
No = 3 votes

I wonder who voted yes. Probably my brother dain. Anyhoo! I have to say I'm really torn about this one. On one had, if I could up my gamer score by 1,000 points in 10 minutes or so that would be great. On the other hand, I like playing games for the experience. Throwing the achievements in adds to that, but would I continue to play the game if I've already earned all the achievements especially if that was all I was playing it for? And on the other hand, I do wonder a little bit about what people would think if they saw this game on my list. (Achievement whore!) I get enough grief sometimes from people that I don't need to add that to the mix. On the other hand, I don't really care who sees what in my profile because I play games to have fun. And on the other hand, would I have fun if I just played a game for the points? Ugh! I'm starting to feel like the Hindu Goddess Lakshnu.

I might put in a game every now and then to play specifically to get an achievement (only because I'm close to getting it anyway) but I haven't yet bought/borrowed/rented a game to play solely for the points I could get out of it. I play games for the experience. That's why I've started Legend of Dragoon and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance over again even after I've finished the game. Do I expect to unlock an achievement I didn't get the first time? No. I just liked the game play and the story. Besides, those games don't have achievements.

Right now I'm really getting into playing BioShock. But not too long ago I photocopied the pages in the guide where all the journals are listed so that I could cross them off my list and make sure I got all of them. But I soon found myself picking up journals but not bothering to check the list for ones I might have missed. Every now and then I go to the menu and check off the ones I've got but I'm not making any real effect to make sure I get them all this time through. Why? Because right now the story matters more to me than picking up journals. Yes, I know there's an achievement for getting them all but I'm concentrating more on what I need to do in the story and how I'm going to defeat the next Big Daddy that comes along.

With the exception of one or two achievements (I'll talk about those in another post) I've earned every gamer point I've gotten. Some were easier than others. And some came close to me chucking my controller through the TV screen. But I remember a lot of them. The joys of finally hearing that melodic beep and seeing that oblong blip on a corner of the screen is euphoric. It means something. Would a quick 10 minutes of work for 1,000 points mean the same? Probably not.

That doesn't mean I'm knocking any of my friends for playing this game and getting the points. Some day I might change my mind and play it myself. But for right now I want to earn what I get. If it takes me a couple of weeks, months or years to get all the achievements for a game I'm okay with that. Just think of all the memories I'll have for those 1,000 points. Avatar: The Burning Earth might be worth 1,000 points now, but memories from my other games will last me a lifetime.


metallicorphan said...

can you keep a secret Penny?...i have never played the final fantasy tactics games...i know,i know,i claim to be a big FF fan,but they have never been my way

as for people calling you a achievement whore,have you seen MOREPAINs score????..i think he like 50000 or something now

pengwenn said...

Orphie, I'm in shock. I don't know what to say to you not playing the FF Tactics game. Yes, their grid combat is different and took me some time getting use to it but I liked it.

You could give it another shot. You know, for me :). After you've finished playing Lost Odyssey of course.

Zenra Nukenin said...

With a GamerScore like yours, no one is going to think you're an Achievement whore :D

But seriously; if you're fighting Big Daddys, then you're doing something wrong. Bioshock is easy-peasy if you know how to play. I can give you tips if you want and it wouldn't be "cheating" any more than copying Audio Journal locations out of a book.

I can understand refusing assistance though. I'm proud to say that everything I did in Bioshock was 100% me with no outside help. CyberWrat can vouch for me when I tell you that I would have even had the Brass Balls Achievement on my first run through if it had been available. I wouldn't be so proud if I'd had help, but I hate to let this knowledge go to waste. PLEASE ask me for help! ;)