Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The NEW New Year Resolutions

Okay, with it being this far into the year can these really be called New Year Resolutions? Anyhoo! These are the next batch of Resolutions or goals or whatever you want to call them, that I hope to accomplish this year, or this quarter, this month, or whenever. Feel free to offer support or attempts to discourage me, whatever your personality dictates.

1. Finish Final Fantasy VII
2. Finish Lego Star Wars II
3. Finish Lego Star Wars: The Complete Sage
4. Finish BioShock
5. Break 10,000 point barrier with my gamer score

#1-4 should be easily doable (except for the undefeated flight missions in Lego Star Wars II). #5 on the other hand could take some doing. If I get close (and desperate) maybe I'll have to resort to Avatar: The Burning Earth. Here's hoping I don't have to. Cheers!

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