Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Poll Results - Are you getting R6:V2?

Okay, here are the poll results:

Are you getting Rainbow 6: Vegas 2?

Yes = 4
No = 2
I'm not sure = 1

My vote was "I'm not sure". I did that fairly early on in the voting. The closer it got to the release the more I was leaning to "yes". I even tried to pick it up yesterday. I didn't pre-order it which caused me to go to 3 different stores trying to find a copy. I couldn't. I finally gave up and went home.

I'm not too terribly heartbroken that I didn't pick up a copy. I have plenty of other games to play anyway. I looked through my friends list last night and only a couple of them had the game show up on their recently played games list. I'm sure there will be more that have the game today.

One reason why I didn't pre-order it is because I'm mad at Game Stop. Their policy (at least at the stores in my neighborhood) is that if a game is announced with a release date of March 18th that means that is the day the game ships. It's not available to be sold until the 19th. Needless to say none of the three stores I went to yesterday were a Game Stop. They all had the game for sale but they were currently sold out. For me a "release date" should be the day you can actually buy the game. That's what other retail outlets think. But not Game Stop. I think if there's a game I really have to have the day of release I'll pre-order it from Best Buy or somewhere else. Otherwise I'll just wander in and see if they have any on the shelf.

I'm not sure I'll be able to pick up a copy of the game tonight either. I have a brief break after work before I have to be at a work dinner function. I'm hoping to see if I can't pop in to a Game Stop or other store and pick it up on the way over there. If not I might do it on the way home. But most likely I'll just go home and crash. I'd like to play the game but I could wait another day or two if I had to before I sat with a controller in hand and the game in the console.

The only other games coming out on the horizon that I have my eye on are Too Human, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Gears of War 2 and Final Fantasy XIII (hopefully they'll release that game before I die). Other than that I think I'm good for awhile whether or not I get Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 any time soon.


Asher Crestfallen said...

Ordinarily, I wouldn't have had a problem with acquiring a copy of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, but I'm having more fun with army of 2 as well as other games. I'll get it, but I'm going to wait until the price comes down.

pengwenn said...

Is Army of 2 the game that has different versions for different regions? There's one game that Americans can't play with Europeans who can't play with the Japanesse, etc. If that's the same game I've heard good things about it . . . except for that point.