Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Year Resolutions completed

Okay when I said this back in January I either had a low expectation of myself or I tapped into some awesome motivation to work on these New Year Resolutions:

My New Year's (Gaming) Resolutions:
1. Finish Final Fantasy VII.
2. Reach rank #55 & complete one level of Prestige in Call of Duty 4.
3. Raise my gamer score to 5,500 or more.

Well, I've already achieved 2 out of the 3 resolutions so now what do I do?

I reached the rank of #55, went through one level of Prestige and I'm on level 12 of my second level of Prestige. And I think scoring points is easier so I might blow through another level of Prestige or two this year as well (all depending on time spent playing other games of course). Sometime towards the end of last week I achieved 5,501 as a gamerscore. I have since added a few points to that total so I can cross that resolution off of the list.

The only resolution I haven't completed yet was finishing Final Fantasy VII. I haven't even connected my PS2 up this year so I've still got a ways to go on that one. Maybe I'll take this week and see if the PS2 still runs.

So now that I've already accomplished most of my resolutions what do I do? Should I set more? Maybe ones that I actually have to work towards and are a stretch? How about breaking that 10,000 point barrier with my gamerscore? Or finishing some disk games and maybe a couple of Arcade games? Or how about buying a PS3 and a DS Lite? I think I need to give this some thought before I make anything too official. But here are some of the contenders for "Mid-Year Resolutions" (since the year is no longer new):

1. gamerscore 10,000 or higher
2. finish BioShock/Lost Odyssey/Mass Effect/Legend of Legaia/Dark Cloud/Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits/Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade/Pikmin/or any number of games
3. finish Lego Star Wars II (those undefeated vehicle missions are going to be the death of me)
3. finish Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (almost there anyway so why not)
4. all achievements Texas Hold 'Em
5. all achievements in Catan (but only if my internet connection behaves itself)
6. get ANY achievement in Rayman Raving Rabbids
7. all achievements in Uno/Root Beer Tapper/any other Arcade game
8. finish Gears of War on Hard

Any suggestions? And if you say "all of them" you better hope there isn't any good games coming out this year that are going to take up my time (excluding Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 and Gears of War 2 of course).


metallicorphan said...

final fantasy 7 i think is worth going for,as final fantasy 7 crisis core(which is all about Zak/sephiroth/and maybe cloud)..looks like it could be great,however it is onlyon the psp

i have finished FF7 twice now,and if i remember rightly,the first time i found the end fight hard as nails,while the second time i breezed through it..good ending though...then after you have finished that,watch advent children!!

pengwenn said...

I refuse to even buy Advent Children because I think the temptation to watch it before I finish the game would be too much. Buying that will be my reward for finishing the game.